torsdag 13. mars 2014

Gopro video from Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014

My first blog post in English! Because I suppose there will be some participants in the race who might find it interesting to see the video from the final hour of this year's Cape Argus Cycle Tour besides the Norwegian croud! ;-)

As a first-time participant (from Norway) it was a great experience and a unique event. Hope to do it again someday.

I started the Gopro around Misty Cliffs, and the three videos include the final hour with Chapman's Peak, Hout Bay, Suikerbossie, through Camps Bay, Clifton, and the final stretch with the sprint finish.

The sprint was pretty chaotic as I first almost cycled into the fence (13:14 in part 3) and then got "trapped" alongside it. Two guys fell just beside me about 40m from the finish line and I just barely managed not to go down also. Winner of the elite ladies Cherise Stander (widow of Burry Stander) was right behind me over the line.

In part one Chapman's Peak climb starts at 23:40. In part two Suikerbossie starts at 13:10. And in part three the final km starts at around 12:40.

Note I didn't have time to do any editing or adding music so I just uploaded it raw. Sorry about the terrible creaking noise from my back cassette!...

Part 1/3:


Part 2/3:


Part 3/3:


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